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British Culture

Whether you are visiting the UK on holiday or on business it is really important to understand the culture of the country.  Should you shake hands? Should you kiss on both cheeks? Should you kiss and hug? By learning a little about the people and their culture you will enjoy a great start to your stay in the UK. Take a look at our top 10 tips and avoid embarrassing situations and the cultural minefield!



The culture of the workplace can differ depending on the type of industry of the business. However, there are some simple rules to follow to avoid embarrassing situations. It is a good idea to find out a little about the company you are visiting. Take a look at their website in advance. Does it have a very formal approach? Does it have a relaxed atmosphere? Don’t be afraid of asking the secretary or your contact what the dress code is in the company or their general times of operation. If you don’t ask, you won’t know!


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Cultures differ from country to country. It’s a good idea to find out a little about the country you are visiting before you travel! Find out about accepted dress codes, ways of greeting both friends and strangers. Shop opening times and meal times may differ from your country so in order to prevent those embarrassing moments take a look at our top 10 tips and be prepared!


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