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Social – Top 10 Cultural Tips for your visit to England

The British sense of politeness is world renowned, so keep this in mind and you won’t go far wrong!

These basic tips will help you settle into life in the UK.  Take notice of what your teacher or host family do. Watch the behaviour of the English people around you. Watch, listen and learn! It’s free!

  • 1

    Introductions are usually made with a handshake rather than a kiss

  • 2

    Keep to an accepted personal space (at least an arm’s length) when talking to someone

  • 3

    Remember that manners and privacy are important aspects of British Culture

  • 4

    Remember to say “Please” and “Thank you”! Very simple but very important in the UK

  • 5

    Use the phrase “Excuse me, please” when trying to pass by someone

  • 6

    Say “Sorry” when you accidently bump into someone

  • 7

    Avoid speaking loudly on your mobile phone in a public place

  • 8

    Take your place in the queue and await your turn. We like our queues!

  • 9

    Arrive on time! Five minutes late is acceptable. Any later is not!

  • 10

    Don’t speak with your mouth full of food!


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