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Improve Your English in 2015

Our new programme of English lessons is well underway and next week we welcome teacher Suzie Firth to our team. Suzie has spent time in Japan and Germany teaching English as a Foreign Language and now she is studying for her Masters in Linguistics at Nottingham University. Suzie will be our teacher for Tuesdays when she is looking forward to introducing the lower level students to lots of interactive English language learning games. Sounds like good fun too! Welcome ...read more

Christmas in Lincoln

Our English lessons are about to finish for 2014 but the English Christmas celebrations continue. Many of our students have visited our famous Lincoln Christmas market, watched the city festive lights being switched on and tasted our traditional mince pies. In class, we are enjoying Christmas activities and learning the associated vocabulary. We are finishing the term with a Christmas baking session. We wish all our students a happy Christmas and look forward to welcoming everyone back to Class ...read more

CVs and Covering Letters

Several of our students struggle with creating a CV for work in England. CVs differ from country to country. Over the next few weeks our Monday morning classes are going to concentrate on preparing or improving CVs, writing that important cover letter and fine-tuning our interview skills. We’ve helped quite a few students over the past year and many of them have been successful in finding work here in the UK. A good CV is important. New students always ...read more

Not Just For Young Students! There is a misconception that Language Schools are just for young students. Not true! This month we have several “mature” students studying with us. Robert and Cornelia are a retired Swiss couple who are visiting the UK for six weeks and who have taken the opportunity to improve their language skills whilst they are here. Other mature students include Katia from Brazil, here for four weeks to visit her daughter studying at Lincoln University ...read more

English Classes start 18 September 2014

Our English classes start again on Thursday 18 September 2014. A full schedule will be published soon and will include sessions of Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Reading and Grammar. Our CAE evening class is likely to start on Wednesday 23 September. We have a gentle start with a jewellery- making craft and conversation class on Thursday 18 September 10.30 am to 12.30 followed by a General English class in the afternoon. Please contact Sheren on info@lincolnstudycentre.co.uk if you are interested ...read more

Summer 2014 – Grammar Classes and Activities

Lincoln Study Centre has welcomed several students from the Ukraine, Czech Republic and Italy over the past few weeks. The students are enjoying their grammar classes and activities which allow them to practise their spoken English. We’ve also been to Cambridge. The weather in Lincoln is fantastic at the moment and we hope it continues for our Summer School planned for 11 to 22 August. There are still some places available if anyone would like to join us. 

Summer School 7 to 18 July 2014

Places are filling quickly for our first English Language Summer School for 2014. Class sizes are limited to 15 students. We have a great programme of lessons planned to improve all the four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our teachers, Rachael and Kevin, have organised some interesting sessions to make the lessons fun whilst you learn. The afternoon activities include some extra English discussions for those students who would like some more tuition but there is also ...read more

English Language Summer Schools 2014

If you would like to join English lessons in the Summer we are busy planning our English Language Summer Schools. These will take place 7 to 18 July 2014 and 11 to 22 August 2014.  A great programme of grammar, reading, writing, speaking and listening lessons is being planned as well as a good mix of activities to suit everyone. The Summer Schools are suitable for students from age 16 yrs to 70 yrs! In August one of the Summer ...read more

The fun way to improve your English

It’s great to see some new students in lessons this week. I’m sure you’ll consolidate your knowledge and learn lots more too. Studying in the classroom is not the only way to improve your English. At Lincoln Study Centre we firmly believe in providing opportunities for students to put their knowledge into practice. We have an English saying “Practice makes perfect”. By taking the opportunity to repeat things that you have learned in the classroom you will improve your ...read more

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Not just a language school . . .

Would you like someone to meet you when you arrive in England? Would you like someone to introduce you to your host family and explain things clearly? Would you like someone to show you around your new city? Would you like someone to travel to lessons with you for the first time and prepare a personal programme for you? Do you want that little bit more than just English lessons? Would you like to explore the local area? Go to ...read more

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